28 May 2012


An independent study in designing and building an animatronic character

Igor is the product of my fascination with artificial intelligence and an attempt to build a robot that can self-navigate as well as interact with humans. After taking an online classes on AI and programming a self-driving car from Stanford and Udacity respectively, I wanted to apply that knowledge and build a working prototype.

Igor’s character design was mainly inspired by Wheatley from Portal 2. I even had the mechanical design down with the help of a few friends, but owing to a lack of access to fabrication tools, further progress was stalled.

However, development continues in my free time and I am in the process of building a prototype using Lego, an Asus Xtion Pro Live and PCL running on a Beaglebone.

You can follow the conception and development of Igor here: http://pursuitofthecake.wordpress.com/ The blog shall be updated as and when I make significant progress.

Here are a couple clay renders: