Occasionally, I record my musings about design, games, and life. On rarer occasions, I return and read these recorded musings and exclaim, "Aah, so that's why they kept asking me to use shorter sentences".

02 Nov 2012

Game design lessons from working at Disney

During a recent conversation about game programming techniques with a friend, I was asked why I chose to work for a themed-entertainment company like Disney when I am so passionate about games. I believe it is a relevant question since breaking into the games industry is hard.

15 Dec 2011

BVW Show 2011 and The Award of First Penguin!

The Building Virtual Worlds Show is an annual event where some of the best virtual worlds from the fall semester are showcased in a carnival-like setting. Attended by students from across all departments of CMU, as well as entertainment industry professionals, it serves as a satisfying and bittersweet exclamation at the end of a rigourous semester.