28 Sep 2011


Round 1 of the Building Virtual Worlds course at the ETC, Carnegie Mellon University.
An experience involving helping a plumber banish the phobias tormenting him.

Deluged was an audience interaction experience built within two weeks for Building Virtual Worlds course in the Fall of 2011, Round 1. The prompt given to us was to build an experience involving one entity heping another.

The experience used audio input from the audience to assist a plumber out of his nightmare where he grapples water monsters in a ‘leaky situation’. If the audience sang in time, akin to a karaoke, the monsters would stop attacking the protagonist Paul and dance to the beat, enabling Paul to salvage the situation.

The microphone input was fed into a Python script that measured synchronization and transfered the data to Unity 3D over TCP. In addition to modeling and animating, I wrote the TCP client to receive data within Unity 3D.

I also had a lot of fun fabricating the wrench prop for the actor who played Paul in the real world! Fun times.

The Team

  • Chirag Raman : Producer, 3D Modeler & Animator, Programmer
  • Chu Hsawn Kuang : Programmer
  • Emmanuel Eytan :  Sound Designer and Programmer for handling microphone input
  • Haewon Nam : 2D Artist